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Play this beautiful C3 and you will realize that this is one of Yamaha's finest models. This one owner instrument plays like new and would be an excellent piano is perfect for a Church, School or for a fine musician in their home.

Price: $24,990.00


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This lovely Kawai grand is sure to please. Its long string length gives the piano a full warm rich tone. Priced right for the player who appreciates the deeper sound of the mid-sized pianos.

Price: $14,995.00

Modus H01DB

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This is a NEW instrument. It is very small foot print high end digital piano. Action is fantastic, and the woofer brings in the full low end spectrum of sound. You have to play this one to really appreciate how really good this is.

Price: $13,199.00


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Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.

Price: $12,990.00


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Unbelievable German heritage. “For the Concert Hall as well as your Home.” Piano Distributors is fortunate to have acquired this very unique, handcrafted piano. If you prefer top-quality European craftsmanship at a reasonable price, come in to play and appreciate this fine instrument.

Price: $8,000.00


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This GranTouch Disklavier has a smaller footprint than its big brother, the Yamaha DGT2, but still features a lovely piano action, moving keys for the Disklavier, and wonderful digital sounds. Check out how this piano can enhance your home today!

Price: $7,999.00


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This charming Kawai grand piano has a very characterful sound and a sprightly action. Its warm, inviting sound has real grace and lends gravity to one's playing. Kawai pianos have a long history in teachers' studios and practice rooms, and this piano would be an excellent instrument for someone wanting to practice on an instrument that will take them to the next level. Stop by our store today to play this great instrument for yourself!

Price: $7,995.00


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The perfect piano for the space-conscious. This Young Chang piano was designed to conserve as much space as possible in the home, and is a perfect beginner's instrument. If you are worried about the amount of room an acoustic piano can consume in a home. worry no further and see this upright for yourself.

Price: $7,995.00


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A piano for the whole family, this 6' grand from Young Chang is a tremendous value for anyone looking at getting an affordable piano that includes a player system. The length of the piano lends power and warmth, whilst maintaining the signature Young Chang sound. Stop in and try this piano today and see if this might be the perfect fit in your home.

Price: $7,995.00


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Here's your opportunity to own a truly amazing piece. This Ash Burl case was a limited edition piano from Yamaha that exhibits the fine cabinet work performed by Yamaha craftsmen. The piano is a full, rich-sounding instrument and is quite a lovely conversation piece. Stop in for your chance to purchase a truly singular piano.

Price: $6,999.00


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Yamaha's incredible DGT2A combines full Disklavier III capability, a Yamaha grand piano keyboard assembly and Yamaha's stunning digital piano sound technologies in a compact grand piano-esque cabinet. An extraordinary integration of musical technologies Combining a century of Yamaha acoustic piano expertise with state-of-the-art Yamaha digital technology, Disklavier GranTouch grand pianos offer unsurpassed performance and versatility for playing, learning and musical entertainment. Real grand piano keyboard Incorporating the peerless Yamaha grand piano keyboard and action mechanism, the DGT2A offers a solid, natural touch and expressive control far superior to that of most digital pianos. Optical key and hammer sensors capture the subtlest nuances of expression, without mechanical interference, while pedal sensors register foot control as well. Superb concert grand sound Piano tones are stereo sampled across the full dynamic and tonal range of the Yamaha concert grand. Incredibly lifelike, they even recreate the harmonic resonance from other strings when using the sustain pedal. Reverb effects can simulate chamber and hall acoustics, and the 60W x 2, six-speaker audio system delivers rich, full, powerful sound. Elegant piano cabinetry The DGT2A, compact modern styling, is crafted to the standards of the finest furniture, with an opening lid and impeccable attention to every detail. The DGT2A is an elegant addition to any room. The advantages of a digital Unlike acoustic pianos, the DGT2A lets you control performance volume, or play and listen in total privacy through one or two pairs of headphones. They never need tuning, adjust easily to the pitch of other instruments, and connect to external MIDI and audio components. Recording & playback Disklavier technology lets you record and reproduce what you play, or enjoy the performance of world-class artists 'live' in your own home. You can cancel the key movement to play along, change the tempos transpose into other keys — even play one hand while the piano plays the other. Nearly 700 digital voices The Yamaha XG tone generator provides 697 instrumental and speciality voices (491 selectable) plus sophisticated digital effects. It also interacts with other MIDI equipment, and enables orchestrated piano/ensemble concerts. Audio/MIDI CD capabilities Equipped with both CD and floppy disk drives, the DGT2A can play a wide variety of music software. The DGT2A also reproduces high-fidelity audio tracks, so you can enjoy piano playback complete with instruments and vocals. Versatile programming You can store a library of favourite songs on 16 internal memory disks, group selections as you like, link groups for continuous chain-play performance, even program automatic timer-controlled concerts. Direct computer interface A simple cable connection lets you link your DGT2A with the power of your PC, for extended song storage and access to a wide world of computer software, peripherals and online music resources. The piano that anyone can play SmartKey™ technology makes it easy for anyone to play, even if you've never touched a keyboard before, leading you through songs note by note and providing professional embellishments and auto-accompaniment.

Price: $6,995.00


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What makes Yamaha Disklavier so unique? The player systems are all factory installed with no modifications to the piano like retro fitted units. This provides better durability and reliability "for more use". This piano can even be upgraded with the latest technology in the DKC850 Control unit. Give us a call for more info. Yamaha Disklaviers have won numerous "Product of the Year" awards by MMR. Come see this piano and see our New line of Yamaha Disklaviers as well.

Price: $6,495.00

Gulbransen – G57

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This lovely Gulbransen piano could be the perfect instrument for your home. This small grand has a beautiful satin ebony cabinet and a lovely action making it a joy to play. A recent re-voicing has given this piano a beautifully shimmering tone. If you are looking for an attractive grand piano with a beautiful sound, stop in to try this piano out for yourself.

Price: $5,999.00


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Here's a piano with a beautiful polished mahogany case, lovely tone, and great control. Pianos with this striking veneer are visual statements, just as they are musical ones. Let this piano grace the living room of your home and fill the entire house with music.

Price: $5,999.00


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Yes, Hyundai made pianos. This piano was actually made in conjunction with SAMICK pianos. Hyundai is still in the piano making business as they own YOUNG CHANG pianos. This 5'9" Korean factory made piano has a great tone thats surprisingly expressive. If your looking for a grand that you plan to put a lot of practice time but need it at a budget, then this might be the one you should take a closer look at. A GREAT buy at $6,495.00!!!

Price: $5,995.00


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This classic Continental-styled Yamaha console piano is a terrific buy for a budding musician. The full compass keyboard allows for the playing of all piano literature, while the minimalist cabinet conserves space. For any pianist interested for a small instrument to practice on, this could be the perfect instrument for you and your home.

Price: $5,000.00


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Has a few nicks and dinks on the Mahogany cabinet but, the piano has been fully inspected by our pro technicians. Plays and sounds great. Buy with "peace of mind" from a longtime dealer like Piano Distributors Inc. We're sure you'll be happy playing this piano with years of enjoyment.

Price: $4,495.00


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Each key of a Yamaha piano is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform "down weight" pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the keyboard.

Price: $3,999.00


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Own one of Yamaha's greatest CLP model Clavinovas ever! This robust instrument boasts full features and ample power to fill even a large space. Come in to check out this wonderful instrument now.

Price: $3,995.00

Kawai CA 95

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Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for over 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing unique, original ideas. The CA95 is the digital culmination of this experience.

Price: $3,495.00

KOHLER – KD50****

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This attractive digital piano is a well-functioning instrument that is perfect for someone wanting a stylish old-world case on a modern instrument. Come in and see this unusual piano for yourself!

Price: $2,200.00


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Yamaha YDP-162 Arius Digital Piano with Bench & Stand. This piano is upgraded and has the shiny black - Polished Ebony finish. With Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory keytops, the Yamaha Arius YDP162 Digital Home Piano gives pianists a tactile surface reminiscent of the keys found on the very finest pianos.

Price: $1,699.00


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Built by Baldwin the Ellington 100E is a very compact acoustic piano. Perfect for a small space. Great for the beginning performer who wants to learn to play at their own pace. The Ellington is a compact 73 key piano at 47.5" wide and 39" tall.

Price: $1,495.00