Yamaha Clavinova

Time Magazine’s “50 Most Influential Gadgets of All Time”

CLP Series

The Clavinova CLP Series

The soul of a Yamaha acoustic piano. The heart of Yamaha innovation. Clavinova CLP blurs the line between acoustic and digital with authentic grand piano touch, tone and power. All with intuitive controls that let you do things only Yamaha digital pianos can do.

CSP Series

The Clavinova CSP Series

When you want to play more than just piano. One of the defining features of a CSP Clavinova is the multitude of different Styles that can be controlled in real-time by playing chords on the keyboard. Accompaniment Styles introduce ensembles of virtual musicians

CVP Series

The Clavinova CVP Series

Our flagship CVP is everything you’d expect from a Clavinova. And more. Bring in virtual session musicians. Harmonize with backup singers. Add authentic voices to hundreds of digital instruments. An intuitive color touchscreen controls a new world of entertaining possibilities. You won’t believe how it sounds. Or what it can do.

CVP Help Videos

Keys To Your Clavinova


Unraveling the mysteries of the Yamaha Clavinova: CVP701, CVP805, CVP809 and CVP809GP. These short videos will help simplify steps to having fun with your Yamaha Clavinova piano.
  • Clavinova makes learning to play piano fun, fast and easy
  • let's get started playing piano on your Clavinova
  • Clavinova teaching piano
  • Clavinova real piano feel
  • how to play chords on your Clavinova
  • how to follow lights for easy play on Clavinova
  • how to play songs continuously on a Clavinova
  • how to connect your Clavinova to a tv or monitor
  • how to put Clavinova pianos in automatic play mode
  • how to sing karaoke with a Clavinova
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