• Model: GP9
  • Finish: PE
  • Size: 4' 11 1/8"
  • Serial #: Z9P0267
  • Price: $8,999.00
  • Location: Atlanta
  • Type: USED
Housed in a grand piano cabinet, yet half the weight of an acoustic, the GP-9 features advanced Roland Piano Reality designs incorporating next-level technology and streamlined connectivity into an enjoyable playing experience. For instance, the Piano Reality Concert keyboard of the GP-9 feels precisely like that of an authentic, concert-class acoustic grand — making for an immersive experience through a piano that detects even the subtlest nuances. The GP-9 also offers unlimited polyphony, eight precisely-tuned speakers, 324 tones, and a classical elegance that embellishes any room. For masters of the keyboard or fresh learners, the Roland GP-9 thrills with its gorgeous sound and masterful details.