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Bill Boyce - Owner

William C. (Bill) Boyce was born and raised in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, Mr. Boyce learned firsthand from family and those in his tight-knit community there is only one way to conduct a business— ethically. Anything less is out of the question.

In 1945 Bill's uncle started a music store in Raleigh, NC and in 1959 he joined this music business as a salesperson. In 1962 a second store was opened in Durham, N.C. In 1968 Bill bought that store from his Uncle and named the business “Bill Boyce Music Center”. It was located in a strip shopping center in Durham, N.C.

In 1969 a 2nd location was opened in a mall in Burlington, N.C. Due to a change in merchandising, in 1976 the company name was changed to be "more about what we were known for (pianos)," thus the new name Piano Distributors.

As in all businesses, Piano Distributors had ups and downs, but after developing a "caboose" for outside selling, Piano Distributors prospered in a keyboard sales world. During his 56 years in the piano business, now with 14 locations in 4 states, Bill Boyce found success thru great product selection with very knowledgeable keyboard consultants and great customer service.

Sandy Boyce - Co-Owner

I started taking piano lessons at age 4 and was teaching young children to play by the time I was 16. I soon found my real passion was showing the parents how much fun they could have making music. I have worked in piano and organ stores all my life and even met my husband in his music store in North Carolina.

After we moved to Florida to slow down a little, I found I missed the interaction of the staff, customers and students so we opened a store in Sarasota and the rest is history!

Today, I enjoy working with Adults who attend beginner classes, concerts and workshops. I particularly like participating in the outside sales events showing new people how easy it is to play, making their dreams come true.

Thank You,
Sandy Boyce
Piano Distributors

Our Corporate Staff

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Frank Harvey - President

Frank Harvey was born in Ft Myers, Fl and began playing the piano at the age of 8. He and his wife Shelly have 2 children that were raised loving and making music.

Frank "grew up" around pianos and worked in a piano and organ store when he was still in high school. His love and excitement for pianos is obvious when he demonstrates pianos all across Florida. He spends much of his time meeting new customers and sharing his passion for making music both in and outside of Piano Distributors locations. You may see him soon in a city near you!

Frank Harvey
Regional Manager
Piano Distributors of Florida

Suzanne Mooney - Admin Assistant

Suzanne joined PD approximately 7 year ago as an Administrative Assistant and handles a variety of duties for the company. She performs a wide range of admin, and office support for Piano Distributors to facilitate the efficient operation of the company.

Tara Brandewie - Office Manager

Tara Brandewie has worked at Piano Distributors since 2004 in our accounting department. She lives in Sarasota, Fl with her family and enjoys kayaking on the weekends.

Tara Kenyon - Advertising Director

Like many at Piano Distributors, music is the inspiration for Advertising Director, Tara Kenyon. How does a piano song affect you? Do you prefer to listen to or play a masterpiece? Music leads to higher creativity which has been a benefit to Tara for around three decades. Piano Distributors has been the perfect fit since 2007.

Warehouse Crew

A great Crew headed up by Dave Spires.