• Model: B
  • Finish: WAL
  • Year of Manufacture: 1876
  • Size: 6'11"
  • Serial #: 32857
  • Price: $16,999.00
  • Location: Orlando
  • Type: USED
1866 was the year Steinway really became STEINWAY. Two of the brothers died in 1865 and Christian Friedrich Theodor Steinweg, anglicized name C .F. Theodore Steinway became the technical genius leader of the Company. There is a belief that C.F. Theodore was the true father of the modern piano, responsible for the majority of patents and innovations. By 1876 Steinway and Sons was established as a world leader winning Gold Medals in international competitions. After 10 years of innovations and improvements, 1876 was truly the year that could be considered their greatest. Check out this 1876 Steinway..