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One of the most popular Steinway Grands for the home. Many say the M is the smallest Grand you should buy from Steinway. Much nicer base section than the 5'1" Model S.

Price: $21,999.00


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Uncompromising in its commitment to quality, Steinway introduced the Model A as their salon grand. Capable of the “grand” piano sound in quality and craftsmanship, the Model A is the smallest of Steinway’s concert grand pianos. Just over 6 feet long, the Model A is the idyllic baby grand piano for those looking for a smaller size that still retains the strength of sound characteristic of a large piano. The Model A also has a variant called the A3, sometimes called the “stretch A,” which is 3 inches longer than the standard A to accommodate more power and tonal range. Specs: Length: 6’ 2” (188 cm) Width: 57 ¾” (147 cm) Weight: 695 pounds (315 kg) Introduced: 1878

Price: $17,900.00


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The most comparable model to this KG-1 lists for over $20K today, so it is easy to see the tremendous value you have here! This is a genuine "Made in Japan" Kawai piano. There are many upright pianos that will set you back more than we're offering this wonderful instrument for!

Price: $7,499.00


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This antique style player piano features two leaded glass window panels to the front flanking either side of the piano roll, two sliding doors, ivory tone and black keys, two foot pedals, and carved lion legs. The piano can be played automatically or foot pumped. A cushioned piano bench with a lift top for storage is included.

Price: $1,999.00


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This attractive digital piano is a well-functioning instrument that is perfect for someone wanting a stylish old-world case on a modern instrument. Come in and see this unusual piano for yourself!

Price: $1,499.00