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"In 1890, Johann Strauss and Ludwig Bösendorfer met for the first time celebrating carnival at the city mayor’s hall. They soon become friends. The Bösendorfer Grand Strauss is inspired by the composer’s own Bösendorfer which is still exhibited at the Johann Strauss museum in Vienna. The fanciful music desk design, round legs and the Austrian coat of arms are a reminder of the lively tunes of his noble times. Thus, every pianist will enjoy the music of the King of Waltz in ¾ beat." - This is a unique, beautiful instrument that you really need to come in and experience. Absolutely new condition.

Price: $76,999.00


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There are many great piano models and the Steinway B is certainly one of them. This instrument was manufactured in 1908 has been fully restored to the highest standards. Please visit, play and experience the workmanship and beauty of this very rare semi-concert grand piano.

Price: $59,999.00
Sale Price: $54,000.00


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One of the Great Hand Build Pianos of Western Europe. Made in Vienna in 1954 and meticulously restored to like new condition. Price in 2015 was $112,499 for a new Bosendorfer 170 in Satin Ebony.

Price: $59,995.00
Sale Price: $44,995.00


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The C6 was introduced by Yamaha in 1994 and is 6’11; the same size as a Steinway B. This was the moment when pianists finally had an excellent option to the B. Both are great pianos but also are very different from each other. This particular C6 (age) has great pedigree being purchased new and very carefully cared for in an exquisite south Florida home. It’s tone shimmers with clarity and depth. Frankly it’s a great value and can be enjoyed far into the future. Compare it to our other fine instruments including a beautiful Preowned Steinway B. This is a regal opportunity not to be missed.

Price: $27,000.00
Sale Price: $24,500.00


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At 6’1″ (186 cm), the Yamaha C3 is a popular choice for a teaching studio, or large home. This model is fully built and assembled in Japan and is the top selling used performance grand under $30,000. This piano is verified seasoned for USA.

Price: $16,999.00
Sale Price: $15,999.00


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The GS series of Kawai grand pianos were made when Shigeru Kawai was president of the company. He was striving to make improvements to piano production and it is claimed that the GS pianos were the precursors of the Shigeru Kawai pianos. Most pianos are both machine made and hand finished particularly in the final stages of production. The 1987 Kawai GS-40 was probably both machine produced and handcrafted as most pianos are today. Of course, the more expensive pianos receive the most handcrafting as we see in the Shigeru Kawai instruments.

Price: $16,995.00
Sale Price: $15,000.00


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Here is a beautiful piano with a very rich and robust tone. Size does matter and this instrument is 6'1 which allows for rich bass and wonderful sustain. This could be your perfect piano.

Price: $15,900.00
Sale Price: $13,900.00


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This is one of the best 7 foot pianos from the Young Chang Company that was designed by Joseph Bramberger, former Steinway Designer. Wonderful rich Base.

Price: $15,000.00
Sale Price: $15,000.00


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This is the famous U3 that was never used. New price $14,559. It is in like new and even has the covers on the pedals. Take advantage of this fabulous piano. This was a one owner sold originally here Georgia.

Price: $14,559.00
Sale Price: $9,999.00


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Charmed by tradition? Mason & Hamlin is a premier piano company that pianists recognize as a pinnacle quality instrument. This Model 5’4 model B is in a decadent art case cabinet worthy of that very special home.

Price: $13,000.00
Sale Price: $9,900.00


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Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.

Price: $12,990.00


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This Story & Clark H80 is a best buy at Piano Distributors. 6’in length allows for a concert level sound at baby grand pricing. It was purchased new and was well cared for by its owner and now desires a new home!

Price: $9,999.00


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William Knabe & Company was one of the largest and most successful piano manufactures in American history. Knabe is among the “top 5” of the most celebrated old American brand names. Wm. Knabe & Co. was once the official piano for the Metropolitan Opera because of their sweet tone quality, a tone widely preferred for vocal accompaniment.

Price: $7,500.00


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Serial Number: 4735557

What makes Yamaha Disklavier so unique? The player systems are all factory installed with no modifications to the piano like retro fitted units. This provides better durability and reliability "for more use". This piano can even be upgraded with the latest technology in the DKC850 Control unit. Give us a call for more info. Yamaha Disklaviers have won numerous "Product of the Year" awards by MMR. Come see this piano and see our New line of Yamaha Disklaviers as well.

Price: $6,999.00
Sale Price: $6,495.00


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The TG-175 Bergman by Young Chang is a good value piano ready for your children’s future piano dreams! Graduate to this 5’8 grand piano today!

Price: $6,500.00
Sale Price: $5,900.00


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Another beautiful choice in polished white. This fine Kawai piano was manufactured in 1993 and is now in its prime playing years. Purchase a spectacular baby grand at upright pricing!

Price: $5,999.00


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Here's your opportunity to own a truly amazing piece. This Ash Burl case was a limited edition piano from Yamaha that exhibits the fine cabinet work performed by Yamaha craftsmen. The piano is a full, rich-sounding instrument and is quite a lovely conversation piece. Stop in for your chance to purchase a truly singular piano.

Price: $5,240.00


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Has a few nicks and dinks on the Mahogany cabinet but, the piano has been fully inspected by our pro technicians. Plays and sounds great. Buy with "peace of mind" from a longtime dealer like Piano Distributors Inc. We're sure you'll be happy playing this piano with years of enjoyment.

Price: $4,495.00
Sale Price: $4,495.00


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Each key of a Yamaha piano is individually tested and measured for the corrections needed to obtain uniform "down weight" pressure. Yamaha actions play correctly and uniformly. This balancing helps ensure a lifetime of superior touch and control across the keyboard.

Price: $3,999.00
Sale Price: $3,999.00


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This is a nice piano in an attractive white/Ivory finish. Sounds bigger than the size and has a player system for your enjoyment. Will sell for less without the player system.

Price: $3,999.00

Kawai CA 95

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Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for over 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing unique, original ideas. The CA95 is the digital culmination of this experience.

Price: $3,495.00


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Designed by Steinway this EUP111 is is a very good family piano and can be enjoyed for many years. With our 100% trade up program towards a new baby grand or grand your investment is protected. Start here and trade up to a new Yamaha when ready!

Price: $3,495.00


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The Kawai K2 is a well made and proven piano design. Perfect for the beginning or accomplished student. You can expect to invest twice as much in a new model.

Price: $3,299.00
Sale Price: $3,299.00


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Chickering was considered one of the top pianos in the world at the time this was built. It still has potential, but needs some TLC. Great project piano.

Price: $2,999.00
Sale Price: $1,199.00

KOHLER – KD50****

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This attractive digital piano is a well-functioning instrument that is perfect for someone wanting a stylish old-world case on a modern instrument. Come in and see this unusual piano for yourself!

Price: $2,200.00
Sale Price: $1,899.00


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Musicians who insist on durability, value and quality in a studio piano will appreciate the Kawai UST-8C. It’s a tough performer that can handle hard knocks and always sounds great.

Price: $1,995.00
Sale Price: $1,995.00


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Yamaha YDP-162 Arius Digital Piano with Bench & Stand. This piano is upgraded and has the shiny black - Polished Ebony finish. With Graded Hammer action and Synthetic Ivory keytops, the Yamaha Arius YDP162 Digital Home Piano gives pianists a tactile surface reminiscent of the keys found on the very finest pianos.

Price: $1,499.00


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Built by Baldwin the Ellington 100E is a very compact acoustic piano. Perfect for a small space. Great for the beginning performer who wants to learn to play at their own pace. The Ellington is a compact 73 key piano at 47.5" wide and 39" tall.

Price: $1,495.00
Sale Price: $1,495.00

Brambach C-2 Console

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Serial Number: 10681

This Brambach C-2 comes in a dark, walnut finish and has a medium to light touch. The sound is bright and vibrant. Bench included.

Price: $1,490.00
Sale Price: $1,490.00


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The acrosonic by Baldwin is an acronym for best in sound and was loved by teachers and fine musicians for decades because of its great construction and design. Experience fine quality at entry level pricing today.

Price: $599.00
Sale Price: $499.00


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Serial Number:

This Yamaha upright piano is in excellent condition, featuring a great action in a beautiful case. A perfect, long-lasting holiday gift for your musical family.

Price: $
Sale Price: $