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This Disklavier™ E3 model is a superb Yamaha C6X Grand Piano, an instrument with a powerful and forceful presence, and an abundance of reverberation, which ALSO incorporates a highly accurate record-capable reproducing player system for entertainment and educational uses.

Price: $57,999.00
Sale Price: $57,999.00


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C. Bechstein Pianoforte AG was established in 1853 by Carl Bechstein. This instrument was manufactured in 1981 and is recognized as one of the great models of European design. Expertly maintained and refurbished; call for a list of services performed. Musicians who composed on Bechstein pianos include Edvard Grieg, Alexander Scriabin, Maurice Ravel, and Bela Bartok.

Price: $39,900.00


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At 6’1″ (186 cm), the Yamaha C3 is a popular choice for a teaching studio, or large home. This model is fully built and assembled in Japan and is the top selling used performance grand under $30,000.. Verified seasoned for USA.

Price: $16,999.00
Sale Price: $13,999.00


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The GS series of Kawai grand pianos were made when Shigeru Kawai was president of the company. He was striving to make improvements to piano production and it is claimed that the GS pianos were the precursors of the Shigeru Kawai pianos. Most pianos are both machine made and hand finished particularly in the final stages of production. The 1987 Kawai GS-40 was probably both machine produced and handcrafted as most pianos are today. Of course, the more expensive pianos receive the most handcrafting as we see in the Shigeru Kawai instruments.

Price: $16,995.00
Sale Price: $15,000.00


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The great C3 Yamaha Conservatory Grand. Satin Ebony finish.
The piano listed here was manufactured for the US market. Serial Number 3630266 Model Name C3D SE

Price: $15,995.00
Sale Price: $15,000.00


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This is one of the best 7 foot pianos from the Young Chang Company that was designed by Joseph Bramberger, former Steinway Designer. Wonderful rich Base.

Price: $15,000.00
Sale Price: $15,000.00


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The Pearl River GP160 Classic Grand was created by European and American piano-design consultants and features duplex scaling, which tunes the secondary part of strings producing a sympathetic harmonic that enriches the tone, particularly in the treble section. Quality hornbeam and beech woods are used throughout the expertly designed horizontally oriented grand piano action. This provides for the large range of expression expected in grand pianos. Included is a QRSMusic Pianomation III player system controlled by a wireless WiFi connection. This instrument is 2 years new and a very special buy at $13,900 total!

Price: $13,900.00


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Charmed by tradition? Mason & Hamlin is a premier piano company that pianists recognize as a pinnacle quality instrument. This Model 5’4 model B is in a decadent art case cabinet worthy of that very special home.

Price: $13,000.00
Sale Price: $9,900.00


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The G5 is the predecessor to the mid sized grand model C5X and it is priced over $63,000. This is a very nice piano for a good price and is waiting for the right buyer.

Price: $12,999.00


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Yamaha DU1A Disklavier Mark III performance in one of Yamaha's most popular upright pianos! The DU1A offers more entertainment possibilities than ever! Piano is in excellent condition, built for the North American market.

Price: $12,995.00


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Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.Vintage Steinway circa 1917 ready to be restored to it's glory days. Enjoy it now and invest in the future.

Price: $12,990.00


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This Story & Clark H80 is a best buy at Piano Distributors. 6’in length allows for a concert level sound at baby grand pricing. It was purchased new and was well cared for by its owner and now desires a new home!

Price: $9,999.00


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What an incredible find! A beautiful 5’9” self playing piano with lots of features. This piano has a warm beautiful tone and responsive touch. Comes with a built library of music.

Price: $7,999.00


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Player Piano and a Polished Ebony baby grand. This is a very nice baby grand that even without the Player System should be this price. The system uses the older floppy disk media, but we can discuss upgrading to a later technology for a small addition.

Price: $7,995.00
Sale Price: $7,995.00


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Does your family have need for an economical well maintained Kawai baby grand piano? If so this 5'1 instrument will deliver beautiful tone and looks. The interior has been vacuumed and the soundboard cleaned, the action has been regulated and we offer a 1 year mechanical warranty on this model. The piano is tuned again prior to and after delivery Local Palm Beach County free delivery is included. Long distance delivery can be arranged for a very fair price.

Price: $7,900.00


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William Knabe & Company was one of the largest and most successful piano manufactures in American history. Knabe is among the “top 5” of the most celebrated old American brand names. Wm. Knabe & Co. was once the official piano for the Metropolitan Opera because of their sweet tone quality, a tone widely preferred for vocal accompaniment.

Price: $7,500.00

KIMBALL – 5830

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This is a Viennese edition piano that was inspired by the Bosendorfer piano. Kimball had taken ownership of Bosendorfer and brought a team over to assist in the creation on this edition. It was the best Kimball grand produced and has a very rich satin ebony finish.

Price: $7,499.00


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This solid 5'3 grand was produced in Japan in 2004 and it features a satin ebony contemporary styling ahead of it's time. Preowned Yamaha quality at an affordable price for you or your family. $6,800 includes a professional artist bench!

Price: $7,000.00


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This is the perfect piano if you are looking for a pristine, pre-owned player piano in a wood-toned finish. Disklavier by Yamaha is the pinnacle of player performance. The piano itself is the famous Model U1 with tone closely resembling a Yamaha grand piano.

Price: $6,995.00


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A beautifully designed and popularly priced grand piano for your home. Available at $5,800, this young instrument can represent an longterm heirloom for your musicality.

Price: $5,999.00


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Here's your opportunity to own a truly amazing piece. This Ash Burl case was a limited edition piano from Yamaha that exhibits the fine cabinet work performed by Yamaha craftsmen. The piano is a full, rich-sounding instrument and is quite a lovely conversation piece. Stop in for your chance to purchase a truly singular piano.

Price: $5,240.00


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If you really want that brand new piano but just can’t get there, fall back to this great value. 48” in height allows for a big and beautiful sound. The polished ebony case makes a classic statement in any home.

Price: $4,000.00
Sale Price: $2,690.00

Kawai CA 95

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Kawai has been crafting musical instruments for over 85 years, maintaining traditional processes while embracing unique, original ideas. The CA95 is the digital culmination of this experience.

Price: $3,495.00


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Chickering was considered one of the top pianos in the world at the time this was built. It still has potential, but needs some TLC. Great project piano.

Price: $2,999.00
Sale Price: $2,999.00

KOHLER – KD50****

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This attractive digital piano is a well-functioning instrument that is perfect for someone wanting a stylish old-world case on a modern instrument. Come in and see this unusual piano for yourself!

Price: $2,200.00
Sale Price: $1,899.00


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Samick was the affordable manufacturing leader in the 80’s and 90’s. They were also quite prolific in the amounts of white uprights manufactured. This instrument affords a small footprint with beautiful sound and a very smart look!

Price: $1,500.00


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Built by Baldwin the Ellington 100E is a very compact acoustic piano. Perfect for a small space. Great for the beginning performer who wants to learn to play at their own pace. The Ellington is a compact 73 key piano at 47.5" wide and 39" tall.

Price: $1,495.00
Sale Price: $1,495.00