Young Chang Y-121

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All action parts are Maple and all hammers are the cold formed process for better tonal quality and longevity. Spruce soundboards Spruce soundboards with highest sound transmission. Young Chang uses A-Northern Spruce for soundboards, providing excellent tonal quality. The soundboard. back posts, key frame and keyboard used in the Young Chang Edition are made of carefully selected first»class materials. The new rib designs provide more efficient sound board response, improved sustain and better bass to tenor total balance.

Finish: Ebony Polish, Ebony Satin, Mahogany Red Polish Walnut Polish, Mahogany Brown Polish,


Partnering with Delwin D Fandrich, Consulting for the highest craftsmanship in piano design
Delwin D. Fandrich was the Director of Piano Research & Development for the Baldwin Piano & Organ (0., the largest piano maker in the U5. He has worked as a Steinway service manager In Portland,
Oregon, and is now consulting and lecturing for piano makers in the USA, Europe, Australia and China. Since 7008, he has worked with Young Chang as technical consultant. Fandrich Consulting has helped Young Chang to evolve into the premium Piano maker that it is today.

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MODEL Y-121 STYLE a Professional Upright - SIZE 48″