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In 2008, the Japanese enterprise Yamaha acquires Bösendorfer. Conscious and cautious about the precious heritage Bösendorfer is carrying, the Austrian manufactory remains fully independent and continues to be operated as a separate Austrian company, fully owned by Yamaha. Successfully restructured and fortunate to further develop distribution with a partner who is experienced and sophisticated within the music industry allows Bösendorfer to gain new strength. Bösendorfer works closely with Yamaha when it comes down to selling our instruments, however, all Bösendorfer Grands are manufactured in Wiener Neustadt, exclusively. We are confident in our own product development and the latest engineering driven by our local Austrian team. Bösendorfer focuses on the premium manufacturing of close to 300 instruments per year, which are handcrafted close to Vienna, from where it all started.

Oscar Peterson

In the early 1980s, Oscar sat down on a piano bench and pressed a “record” button. He then poured the full power, joy and expression of his musical prowess into the performance of 13 tunes. These digital recordings, which captured extremely accurate key and pedal data of Peterson’s performances, have been meticulously rescued and converted to a modern-day format. With just one touch of a button, the instrument’s keys and pedals come alive, moving up and down to recreate Peterson’s original performances, just as he played them 40 years ago. The Oscar Peterson Signature Edition Player Grand with built-in Yamaha Disklavier technology is only available in the US and Canada.

  • Model:  Oscar Peterson - Collector's Item
  • Size:  225cm
  • Finish: Polished Ebony
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  • About:

    In the late 1970s during a concert in Vienna, Peterson turned to his impresario, Norman Granz, with the words: “Dammit, Norman, where does this box go? I also gotta have such a thing!” This was the beginning of great friendship. Peterson not only treasured his own personally selected Bösendorfer Concert Grand  290 Imperial. He also performed at Bösendorfer’s 175th Anniversary Concert “A night in Vienna” at the Golden Hall of the Musikverein in Vienna. In 2002 he was honoured to receive the Bösendorfer Lifetime Achievement Award. The Oscar Peterson Signature Edition Grand was created in collaboration with the “Estate of Oscar Peterson” which preserves Peterson’s legacy. It is limited to 12 Bösendorfer Grands and is available in size 200 to 214VC . Each instrument will have a Collector’s Edition plate bearing Peterson’s lion logo and signature. Included with each instrument is a book “Oscar, With Love” with never before released compositions, all recorded in his home studio on his treasured Bösendorfer Imperial Piano.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)

200-Strauss – Cherry

  • Model:  200-Strauss - Cherry
  • Size:  6'7"
  • Finish: Cherry
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  • About:

    For more than half a century, this Bösendorfer Grand has been one of our most popular models ever. Its sound and dynamics unfold effortlessly in a concert as well as in your living room. The excellent action provides sensitive controllability and translates the artist’s intention to energetic expression.

    Finest musical nuances, warm sonorous bass and bright colours’ play resonate in timeless worlds of sound created by the artist. The audience is immersed in this universe joyfully musing about the vast variety of interpretations and genres heard. A moment of pure inspiration.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)

214-Louis XVI

Artistic Elegance designed for Grand Piano 214

  • Model:  214-Louis XVI
  • Size:  7'
  • Finish: Pommele Satin
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  • About:

    Louis Seize, an artistic style named after the French King Louis XVI, is illustrated by natural forms and shapes. Facing the end of the Baroque era Classicism celebrates the world of antiquity and Greek ideals. Naturalistic forms such as baskets of flowers, willow boughs, garlands of fruit, ribbons and ornaments are found in pieces of art of these times. The Bösendorfer Grand Louis XVI is dedicated to this style of simple yet playful Classicism. The curved legs and subtle floral decorations frame the satin surface of the exclusive Pommele veneer. A piece of classic art.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)


The Ultimate Concert Grand

  • Model:  280-VC
  • Size:  9'2"
  • Finish: Polished Ebony
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  • About:

    The new Concert Grand 280VC – Vienna Concert – takes audiences and artists by surprise. Our engineering team has established a symbiosis of Bösendorfer’s legendary traditional approach to piano manufacturing and most recent, sophisticated scientific modelling and measuring technology. This Concert Grand has been reimagined from scratch, yet, remains true to our sound philosophy, further advancing our resonance case principle. Renowned pianists – trusted masters in the art of sound crafting – have been involved in perfecting the acoustic articulation of our 280VC. The elegantly sleek silhouette reflects the ease of this instrument in projecting brilliant soundwaves, just effortlessly. A sound as clear as diamonds, yet playfully gleaming like beaming sparkles of light.
    Breathtaking dynamics, astounding colours and exhilarating brilliance: the new Bösendorfer Concert Grand 280VC – Vienna Concert – represents the culmination of Bösendorfer’s legendary approach to piano manufacturing. The next generation of the Bösendorfer Concert Grand. Pure emotion at play.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)


Bring the sound of a concert grand to your teaching studio, on a small stage – or take it home with you.

  • Model:  185-VC
  • Size:  6'1"
  • Finish: PE
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  • About:

    Experience the unique qualities of the new VC technology. More than a century of piano manufacturing tradition combined with state-of-the-art technological possibilities result in an impressive volume of sound, brilliant colours and exceptional ability to project tone. With its compact dimensions, this grand piano masters the most demanding interpretations with ease. Close your eyes and be inspired by the unmistakeable sound – unique, multifaceted, expressive.

    The latest Bösendorfer Grand Piano 185, while retaining the wonderful tradition of a brilliant and warm sound, features new and highly precise mechanics that guarantee perfect control and attainment of a huge range of dynamics and colours. For an instrument of this size, the volume of the bass and the capacity for finest nuances are spectacular. This piano, on account of its strong and stable mechanics, can be a wonderful practice instrument for the home, but equally a great concert instrument for a small hall. Let your heart be inspired by this piano.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)


Sporty Elegance designed for Grand Piano 214

  • Model:  Audi-214
  • Size:  7'
  • Finish: PE
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  • About:

    2009, Ingolstadt: The German car manufacturer Audi – famous for its elegantly slick and sporty design – is celebrating its 100th anniversary. For this special occasion Audi decided to design a unique instrument, representing the company’s dedication to stunning design. Despite the futuristic aesthetics of this piano it obviously meets the ultimate sound requirements imperative to all Bösendorfer Grands. The most striking feature of the Audi design found in this instrument is the closed bass side which seamlessly extends all the way down to the floor. It not only displays an unusual powerful presence but further serves as sound reflector towards the auditorium. Moreover, the fabric covered music desk smoothly improves the flow of sound towards the pianist. Aluminium lyre, propstick and legs, and the perfectly matching grey cast iron frame all complement Audi’s design. A stunning interplay of form and sporty elegance.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)


  • Model:  225
  • Size:  7' 4.5"
  • Finish: Available Finishes: Satin or Polished Ebony, White or Other Colors, Special Veneers. Available in styles of Chrome, Edge, Strauss, Schubert, Liszt, Senator, Baroque, Chopin, Vienna and Artisan.
  • Price: $178,999.00
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  • About:

    Features: Austrian high altitude solid spruce pre-crowned soundboard ~ Maple & red beech pinblock with walnut veneer top ~ Traditional cast iron plate ~ High tension independant capo bar construction ~ Solid red beech and spruce rim pieced together ~ Hand wound single looped strings ~ Hand-notched bridges ~ Renner underfelted “orange” hammers ~ Spruce keys ~ 10 Year parts and labor warranty/

    History: Ignaz Bösendorfer established his company in 1828 when he registered his business in Vienna as a piano maker. By 1859, upon his passing, Ludwig Bösendorfer furthered the company moving into larger facilities. A century later having undergone ownership changes, the company resided in the hands of Kimball Piano Company. Finally in 2008, Yamaha Corporation purchased the company. Pianos are still made in Austria and Yamaha states that they have no plans of changing production or manufacturing methods.

Additional Colors Available (Prices may vary!)


JUPITER, Fla.Oct. 4, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- Piano Distributors of Jupiter has recently been named the exclusive Bösendorfer dealer in West Palm Beach and the surrounding market area. The retailer, which is among the largest in the country, will now offer an array of both traditional and modern pianos handcrafted by Bösendorfer, maker of the finest, most sought-after pianos in the world.

Customers will now be offered a selection of traditional Bösendorfer instruments, such as the Grand Piano 225, as well as the modern, state-of-the-art Grand Piano 185VC and Concert Grand 280VC.

For piano enthusiasts who prefer a classic look, the Bösendorfer Grand Piano 225 offers uncompromising, handcrafted details dedicating to the tradition of Viennese piano building.

For those who enjoy a more modern flare, the Bösendorfer 185VC and 280VC Vienna Concert series pianos represent a culmination of the legendary company's rich experience and tradition of piano making, combined with the most sophisticated scientific technologies and computer aided design methods.

"Being the exclusive dealer in South Florida of some of the finest, most premium pianos in the world is truly an honor," said Steven Trawford, store manager of Piano Distributors. "Since we opened in the Palm Beach area, we have witnessed the market for pianos flourish tremendously and for many, owning a Bösendorfer piano is the culmination of a lifelong dream. We are proud to contribute to the wealth of culture and celebration of music with these beautifully crafted pianos."

Piano Distributors of Jupiter is an authorized Yamaha piano dealer carrying all Yamaha pianos — including the world's best-selling digital piano, the Clavinova — along with Disklavier player pianos, acoustic grand pianos, vertical pianos, upright pianos, Silent Pianos, TransAcoustic pianos and hybrid AvantGrand pianos in their store, drawing from a large local warehouse.

For more information about Bösendorfer, visit https://bit.ly/2vb4ieD.

About Bösendorfer
Bösendorfer was founded in 1828 in Vienna, Austria and has been the instrument of choice for many of the world's most famous artists and composers. This limited production, handcrafted instrument remains one of the most sought after instruments for musicians, institutions and piano enthusiasts worldwide.


Elegant black, polished ebony, stylishly matt, or gleamingly blue – we are crafting your piano according to your imagination, adding captivating color to the tone. The exclusive production of close to 300 instruments per year allows us to meet.

Whether you would like to apply precious veneers, your favorite color or an emblem designed by yourself carefully engraved by master artisans: Anything is possible.

Our Bösendorfer Artisans will prepare a color sample, before we start production and collaborate with you on your design. After your approval, your very own, unique instrument is crafted: An instrument as extraordinary as you are.







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Burr Walnut



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