The Disklavier ENSPIRE is the only piano that can truly reproduce every nuance of a piano performance, precisely recreating all of the details that other player pianos cannot. For example, a player’s key release timing controls the exact timing of each individual damper coming down on the string and contributes to the overall musical message that the pianist is trying to convey. Other player systems rely on predetermined programming to control the release of the piano keys, which results in every key releasing at the exact same speed during playback. This programming equates to half of the original performance being altered, which means half of the human element of the piano performance is removed. The Disklavier, by contrast, can reproduce all articulations of the performance, including the speed by which a key is released, meticulously reproducing what even other high-end systems cannot. Couple these unmatched reproducing capabilities with advanced AccuPlay DSP technology, and you have a piano that not only recreates every nuance of the original performance, but is intelligent enough to verify and adjust itself during playback to ensure accurate performance reproduction.

Finish: PE
Size: 6'7"

  • MSRP:  $ 91,349.00
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      DC5X ENPRO
    Dimensions Width 149cm (59")
    Height 101cm (40")
    Depth 200cm (6'7")
    Weight Weight 378kg (832lbs)
    Silent System    
    Piano Silencing Mechanism Yes (Motor-driven hammer shank stopper)
    Tone Generation Piano Sound CFX Binaural Sampling / CFX Stereo Sampling
    Polyphony Number of Polyphony (Max.) 256
    Number of Voices (Playing) 16 (Piano, Electric Piano 1-3, Harpsichord 1 & 2, Vibraphone, Celesta, Pipe Organ 1-4, Jazz Organ, Strings, Choir, Synth Pad)
    Number of Voices (Playback) 480 XG Voices & 12 Drum Kits
    Compatibility XG Yes
    GM Yes
    Number of Built-in Songs 500 (Pop, Jazz, Classical, Smart Key etc . 380 piano solo son gs (PianoSoft Solo), 72 songs with instr umental accompanimen ts (PianoSoft Plus), and 48 songs with a udio backing (PianoS oft Audio))
    Compatible Data Format SMF (Standard MIDI File, Format 0 & 1), MP3, WAV
    Compatible Song Format PianoSoft, PianoSoft Plus, PianoSoft Audio, SmartKey
    Recording Yes
    Overall Controls Tuning 414.8 HZ- 466.8 Hz (Tunable in ±0.2 Hz)
    Storage and Connectivity    
    Connectivity Headphones Mini Stereo Jack x2
    OUTPUT Yes
    LAN Yes
    Compatible Storage Media USB Flash Memory (Optional) Yes
    Power Supply    
    Power Requirements   AC100 V - 240 V, 50/60 Hz
    Included Accessories   Monitor Speaker x2*, Speaker Hanger x2*, Stereo Headphone, Operation Manual, Built-in Song List, Music Book 50 Greats for the Piano, USB Wireless LAN Adaptor (UD-WL01)*
    Sensor Unit Key Sensors Non-contact Optical Fiber Grayscale Shutter Sensing System for 88 keys (Sensors for the key position, keying velocity, and key releasing velocity)
    Hammer Sensors Non-contact Optical Fiber/grayscale Sensing System
    Pedal Sensors Damper & Shift pedal: Non-contact Digital Optical Position-sensing System, Sostenuto pedal: ON/OFF Detection Sensing System
    Drive Unit Key Drive DSP Servo Drive System (High-power servo-controlled solenoids with supersensitive magnetic sensor, Key/hammer sensor feedback)
    Pedal Drive DSP Servo Drive System (Servo-controlled solenoids)