Yamaha Pianos

Yamaha Piano Information

Yamaha CF6More than a century ago, the tradition of piano craftsmanship began at Yamaha. Today, we have joined traditional craftsmanship with twenty-first century robotic technology. Yamaha pianos are made from hand selected natural woods that create a piano full of rich beauty. Yamaha pianos have earned a reputation around the globe for the highest standards of quality with a steady stream of innovation.

Key in on Yamaha Pianos

If you’re an experienced pianist, or walking into a piano store for the first time, here are the most key points when choosing your Yamaha piano:

  • First, the best way to judge is to play or have a salesperson play a short piece on each Yamaha piano you are considering.
  • Second, try the keyboard and you will find how responsive the Yamaha is to your touch. The design and precision engineering assures that the keys travel smooth and quick, giving you full expression.
  • Third, is the beauty of your Yamaha piano. In your home, this piano becomes a beautiful piece of furniture enhancing any room you choose to place your piano. There are several finishes to choose from to suit your desire.
  • Lastly, your Yamaha piano has a reputation for quality and durability for many years to come. It is one of the most prestigious and enriching musical instruments and  assured to be a wonderful investment.

One last thing: If you are in the United States, The Yamaha Corporation of America only allows authorized Yamaha dealers to sell new Clavinova, Disklavier or Yamaha Digital pianos. This means Piano Distributors is authorized by Yamaha and gives the customer the warranty offered through Yamaha Corporation. If you are thinking of purchasing from eBay or the internet, this will void your Yamaha warranty…so be careful.