Refinements in all elements of sound production have given today’s U series a richer , more resonant voice with evenly balanced timbre across the entire keyboard. Soundboard and Frame Yamaha U3 Acoustic Piano Sound Board The Yamaha U3 features an expansive spruce sound board covering 2369 square inches. Five Back Post give the U3 a solid foundation and suburb resonance. Eleven Solid Spruce Ribs are double notched and fitted into the soundboard lining.

  • Model: U3 AW
  • Finish: AW
  • Size: 52"
  • MSRP: $17,999.00


The U3 is the first of 3 pianos in Yamaha’s 52″ upright category. The Yamaha U3 MSRP Price is the Lowest for the 52″ Yamaha Uprights.
The added height and depth of the piano allows for an elongated capstan and a longer key shank. These two features gives the piano player a large sonic pallet. One can play quieter or louder with more control and precision.

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