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Gail Polk has been employed with Piano Distributors since 2004. She received her degree in “Bachelor of Retail Studies” from Yamaha University in June of 2006.

Gail has also earned the prestigious “Yamaha Touchstone Award” given annually for her superior piano technical knowledge and certifications since 2007. She is also a trained teacher and supervisor of the famous “Yamaha Quick Play” Group Classes which are taught throughout the year at Piano Distributors stores. Her knowledge of all the pianos in the Clearwater Showroom is available to you daily, “helping you to choose the perfect piano for your home, school or institution. “

Cheryl Brown - Teacher

My name is Cheryl Brown and recently retired from teaching K-8 public school music teaching in Chicago. My credentials include a Bachelor of Music Performance (1986) from the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago and a Master of Arts in Music Education (1992) from Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago.

I’ve taught piano and flute for-over 35 years beginning at a small music store in Monterey, California, my hometown, Nothing I more satisfying than watching a student’s sudden smile when they ‘nail’ that rough part of a favorite song:

For thirty-seven years I’ve performed in country clubs as well as luxury hotels. I’ve also performed for Chicago Bears and Bulls legends Michael Jordan, Ryne Sandberg, Walter Payton, and Mike Singletary.

My Teaching Objective: My commitment to you is teaching you YOUR favorite songs and thoroughly enjoy your lesson! My hope is that each student has an eagerness to return to each week with enthusiasm.



As the Clearwater-St. Petersburg area’s exclusive Yamaha piano dealer, Piano Distributors’ Clearwater location is fast becoming a central hub of musical activity with ongoing piano lessons, recitals and special musical events. The recently built La Grande Hall has become very popular for use in the area with dedication to giving back to the musical community.

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  • Information on private or group lessons in our studios. Our studios feature fine quality Yamaha Grand pianos, the state of the art Yamaha Clavinova and other keyboard instruments. We teach all musical styles and all levels. Call for your free evaluation.
  • Your neighborhood piano teacher referral list.
  • Information on piano lessons in your home.

We seek to bring the joy of music to individuals, families, and institutions and to be an advocate for music in the communities we serve so as to enrich lives and fulfill dreams.