WPS-Setup Manual

Pairing a Disklavier with a Router, in most cases is a very easy process, and if you follow the normal instructions it usually works, but sometimes it does not. This is a post to help in some of those cases.

If you can log into your Router there are ways to manually pair with your Disklavier. First login to your router. For example the login page in some Xfinity routers is or in your browser URL.

The default login is:
Username: admin
Password: password

Then click on the Wi-Fi under the Connection button on the left side. Then click on [Add Wifi Protected Setup] button:

Then make sure the WPS is ENABLED and go to the piano and press the pairing button on the USB wireless LAN adapter (usually the UD-WL01) and hold for about 4 seconds.  Quickly go back to the computer and press the PAIR button on the Webpage.

This has worked for me when the button on the Router would not seem to pair the Piano and Router. Hope this helps.