Model Finish Photo Year of Manufacture Size Serial Number Price Sale Price Brand Location TypeUCS Teaser Comment
M1 SE 1767463 2499 YAMAHA Atlanta CONS
CVP709GP PE UCVX01017 12999 YAMAHA Atlanta CONS
SXPR700 M 796A1664 TECHNICS Atlanta SOLD
GRAND SE 8706658 7699 SCHUMANN Atlanta CONS Just dropped the price from $8,299 to $7,699. This is a very nice piano and plays extremely well. Rich dark sound.
GP609 PE ZOJ0340 7799 ROLAND Atlanta USED
UPRIGHT WAL 986240 1499 KIMBALL Atlanta CONS
UPRIGHT WAL 615205 1199 KIMBALL Atlanta CONS
CA95 RW 209429 1999 KAWAI Atlanta USED
G185 PE G087237 8999 YOUNG CHANG Clearwater CONS
G183 PM 814156 6500 YOUNG CHANG Clearwater CONS
YDP240 RW UCRH01046 1699 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
YDP101 RW 602821 1200 YAMAHA Clearwater CONS
P22 WAL 132344 3000 YAMAHA Clearwater CONS
P22 OAK 108058 2999 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
MODUS F01 PE UCLO01078 3999 YAMAHA Clearwater CONS
M500S OAK 204889 2999 YAMAHA Clearwater CONS
DGT2 PE 036312 4499 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
DGC1 +DKC850 PE 2007 5'3" 6191513 21000 YAMAHA Clearwater CONS
DGB1KE3C PE 3047697 19999 23999 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
DGB1KE3 PE 3258638 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
DC2A PAW 2001 5'7" 5967689 24999 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
CVP94 RW 6002413 999 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
CVP601 B UCVY01006 2499 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
CVP207 RW 605513 1499 YAMAHA Clearwater SOLD
CVP205 RW 609177 1199 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
CLP635 B UCXK01225 1899 YAMAHA Clearwater USED
CONSOLE WAL 1783982 1200 WURLITZER Clearwater CONS
KR1077 PE Z000154 ROLAND Clearwater SOLD
EP95 B ZL53857 799 ROLAND Clearwater USED
SPINET WAL 710034 LOWREY Clearwater USED
SPINET WAL 334146 1200 LESTER Clearwater CONS
SPINET 315388 LESTER Clearwater USED
HDK-161 DL PE IJOGG0477 8999 KOHLER & CAMPBELL Clearwater USED
GE30 W/ PLAYER 2458305 11999 KAWAI Clearwater CONS
21 SE 1977 45.5" 241848 1899 EVERETT Clearwater USED Though established in Boston in 1883, the Everett piano company moved to South Haven, Michigan in 1926 and remained there until 1989. The Everett pianos that were made in Michigan always had a great reputation for being solid, reliable pianos. In 1973 Yamaha bought the company and continued to produce pianos in the South Haven factory until 1986. During it's lifetime, the company specialized in uprights, and built many great instruments that have stood the test of time, with long lasting soundboards, bridges and tight tuning pins.
VERTICAL OAK 123377 1000 CURRIER Clearwater CONS
SPINET MAH 41193 999 CURRIER Clearwater CONS
GRAND / PDIQ Mahogany 1983 355225 7500 CHICKERING Clearwater CONS
UPRIGHT PE/MAH 15311 6595 BROADMAN Clearwater CONS
PG175 PE YG0134328 7900 YOUNG CHANG Jupiter CONS
YP40 CHY 5488 400 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
P22 BAO 248194 4400 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
GC1G MAH G303258 15900 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
DU1A PE 5990180 15000 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
DGT7 PE 001419 7000 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
CVP509 RW UCPZ01001 3500 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
CVP207 RW 606169 1995 YAMAHA Jupiter CONS
CSP170 B UCAO01040 4199 YAMAHA Jupiter USED
CLP650 B 07196 1799 YAMAHA Jupiter USED
SXPX103M B 693A1919 0 TECHNICS Jupiter USED
O MAH 1906 5'10 3/4" 110701 37000 STEINWAY Jupiter CONS RB
M SE 253798 STEINWAY Jupiter USED
B SE 1967 7' 396849 35000 STEINWAY Jupiter CONS
SP182 MAH 330264 35000 SCHIMMEL Jupiter CONS
SG172 PE KJKCG0043 8940 SAMICK Jupiter CONS
JP175 PE J00020276 9900 PRAMBERGER Jupiter CONS
IV PM 5'7" 598420 16999 PETROF Jupiter CONS
A2 W/ QRS PM 40187 10900 MASON & HAMLIN Jupiter CONS
GRAND 176920 2495 KNABE Jupiter USED
PN80 B 9281339 799 KAWAI Jupiter USED
KG2C WAL 194966 3500 KAWAI Jupiter CONS
CONSOLE CHY 376633 2299 KAWAI Jupiter USED
178 PE 15433 HAILUN Jupiter USED
GRAND SE 83938 5000 CONOVER Jupiter CONS
AP220 RW 93120 699 CASIO Jupiter USED
GP163 PE 1998 5'4" 117132 15900 BOSTON Jupiter CONS This baby grand on the larger size made by Kawai for Steinway gives you something to compare others to. Check it out and tell us what you think.
R226 CHY 1989 5'8" 280508 9000 BALDWIN Jupiter CONS The Baldwin piano was considered toe to toe with the Steinway piano. The Baldwin Grand was an American hand made grand piano and was known for the big sound.
C142 PWHT 58977 4999 BALDWIN Jupiter USED
G208 PE 1995 6'9" G090651 7999 YOUNG CHANG Marietta CONS $1,000 Price dropped. This is a big piano with a big sound, and it has a very smooth touch. The action reminds me of a Yamaha C7. Well worth the $9999.
U1F PE 1992 48" 5062308 6999 YAMAHA Marietta USED
MX100 PWHT 4908153A 8999 YAMAHA Marietta CONS
M1E T157206 3999 YAMAHA Marietta CONS
CVP407 RW UCNP01036 2999 YAMAHA Marietta CONS
CVP305 RW UCNH01050 2299 YAMAHA Marietta USED
CLP745 B UCAX01137 3149 Yamaha Marietta SOLD A like new current model.
AEOLIAN WAL 9721 1699 WINTER Marietta USED
GRAND WAL 1922 77748 1299 WEBER Marietta CONS This is a 100 year old grand that may need a little TLC.
UPRIGHT MAH 587823 1499 STORY & CLARK Marietta CONS
UPRIGHT 1916 52" 181643 2599 STEINWAY Marietta CONS What a historic piano. Pre-dates the K52 and built before the Great War and the roaring 20's!
A 1931 6'2" 271247 17900 STEINWAY Marietta CONS Uncompromising in its commitment to quality, Steinway introduced the Model A as their salon grand. Capable of the “grand” piano sound in quality and craftsmanship, the Model A is the smallest of Steinway’s concert grand pianos. Just over 6 feet long, the Model A is the idyllic baby grand piano for those looking for a smaller size that still retains the strength of sound characteristic of a large piano. The Model A also has a variant called the A3, sometimes called the “stretch A,” which is 3 inches longer than the standard A to accommodate more power and tonal range. Specs: Length: 6’ 2” (188 cm) Width: 57 ¾” (147 cm) Weight: 695 pounds (315 kg) Introduced: 1878
GRAND SE 55022 4999 SOHMER Marietta CONS
SIG50 PE 2002 4'10" IJLAG00219 4999 SAMICK Marietta CONS This is a very nice sub-baby grand with a much bigger sound for it's size. Plays good, looks good, and priced great. Better hurry on this one.
SDP45 EBHP 60476644 999 SAMICK Marietta USED A good starter piano!
KD50**** CHY 2104277 1499 KOHLER & CAMPBELL Marietta USED This attractive digital piano is a well-functioning instrument that is perfect for someone wanting a stylish old-world case on a modern instrument. Come in and see this unusual piano for yourself!
KC245 PE 2008 43 9/16" IJRGU0390 2199 KOHLER & CAMPBELL Marietta USED This is a very nice sounding and playing piano. A great value for a shiny black 14 year old piano.
SPINET MAH 1950 42" 142831 799 KNABE Marietta CONS
KG1D SE 1984 5'1" 1391887 7499 KAWAI Marietta CONS The most comparable model to this KG-1 lists for over $20K today, so it is easy to see the tremendous value you have here! This is a genuine "Made in Japan" Kawai piano. There are many upright pianos that will set you back more than we're offering this wonderful instrument for!
SPINET MAH 1969 37" 460884 999 HOBART CABLE Marietta CONS
GH62 PM RF8089 8499 HOBART CABLE Marietta CONS
CONSOLE PE 43" 660813566 2499 HALLET & DAVIS Marietta CONS This is the Continental model made by Pearl River under the Hallet & Davis name. Even has the modern slow fall. The current price of the H108 is $5,295.
146C / QRS PE 39122 12500 HALLET & DAVIS Marietta CONS
C98 PE 9'2" 7518 34999 ESTONIA Marietta USED
126-M PE 1985 49" K0101547 4250 3999 DIAPASON Marietta CONS Check this Japanese built Kawai Diapason professional upright 49" piano. It looks a whole lot like the U2 Yamaha, sounds fantastic and look like new.
UPRIGHT MAH 1973 42" 411534 1999 CABLE Marietta CONS Great starter piano, one of the good American Pianos.
UPRIGHT PLAYER OAK 47" 1231 1999 BALDWIN Marietta USED This antique style player piano features two leaded glass window panels to the front flanking either side of the piano roll, two sliding doors, ivory tone and black keys, two foot pedals, and carved lion legs. The piano can be played automatically or foot pumped. A cushioned piano bench with a lift top for storage is included.
M 104313 6999 BALDWIN Marietta CONS
U3 PE 6025184 8999 YAMAHA Naples CONS
N1X PE UCZK01005 8000 YAMAHA Naples CONS
GC2 PE 6535671 23499 YAMAHA Naples USED
G1 WAL 1973 5'3" 1603211 3995 YAMAHA Naples CONS
DGC1/DKC900 PE 6348892/101314 27999 YAMAHA Naples CONS
DGB1KENST PE 3889122 19999 YAMAHA Naples CONS
DC3XEPRO PIVY 6390628 36500 YAMAHA Naples CONS
DC2X PE 6527709 45000 YAMAHA Naples CONS
CLPS406 B UCSP01004 3500 YAMAHA Naples CONS
CLP465GP PE UCUI01023 3999 YAMAHA Naples CONS
GRAND WAL 1922 87532 3495 VOSE & SONS Naples CONS
B WAL 32857 24999 STEINWAY Naples USED
40-CONSOLE WAL 333142 3500 STEINWAY Naples CONS
SG172 PE IQDG0365 5999 SAMICK Naples USED
GP159 PE 967202 5999 PEARL RIVER Naples CONS
GS70 PE 1832250 19999 KAWAI Naples USED
TG157 PWHT TG0006579 5000 BERGMAN Naples CONS
TG150 PE CG0014336 4999 BERGMAN Naples USED
GNS400 PWHT 71191057 2000 BACHMANN Naples CONS Bachmann is a division of General Music (GEM). They're a very good company, much bigger in Europe than here.
G1 OAK 240299 4999 YAMAHA Orlando USED
DC3 PE 5951578 29999 YAMAHA Orlando USED
CVP809 PE UCBM01004 11199 YAMAHA Orlando USED
C5 PE 3210418 16000 YAMAHA Orlando CONS
C2 + PD PE 5829984 18000 YAMAHA Orlando CONS
B1SC2 PE 38460302 8099 YAMAHA Orlando USED
GRAND MAH 20222 STEINWEG Orlando USED This is the German Grotian - Steinweg, what a story! Some say this is the first Steinway.
M**** SWAL 65617 24500 STEINWAY Orlando USED
M SE 406521 19999 STEINWAY Orlando USED
GRAND WAL 1964 146001 6995 SOHMER Orlando CONS A beautiful walnut grand in very good condition. Sohmer was once called the “poor man’s Steinway”. Every bit as good without the price.
CONSOLE BROWN 348334 2299 KAWAI Orlando USED
D6**** SE 1965 1965 165503 13999 BALDWIN Orlando USED
G185 PE 790131 8000 YOUNG CHANG Sarasota CONS
E101 PE 2136618 2100 YOUNG CHANG Sarasota CONS
N3 PE UASP01012 11500 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS
GH1 SE 3180213 7999 YAMAHA Sarasota SOLD
GC1FP CHY 1964 5'3" 303247 13800 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS
G2 PE 1964 5'8" 264103 7995 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS This is a very difficult piano to find. It is the perfect piano for homes where the small baby grand is too small. Priced right for a little bit larger 5'8" grand piano.
DGP1IIXG PE 5784513 YAMAHA Sarasota USED
DC3A W/DKC850 PE 5926466 29999 YAMAHA Sarasota SOLD
CVP709 B UCVN01022 7999 YAMAHA Sarasota SOLD
CVP605 B UCSY01119 4999 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS
CLP785 B UCBP01050 5300 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS
CLP295GP PE UCMX01042 3500 YAMAHA Sarasota CONS
C2 PE 5951819 19999 YAMAHA Sarasota USED
T101 IVY 491237 2700 TADASHI Sarasota CONS
158 WAL 900756 6200 STORY & CLARK Sarasota CONS
WFG205 PE 1999 6'8" ISHG0048 14999 SAMICK Sarasota USED
SG50 PE IJJG0062 5000 SAMICK Sarasota CONS
RD709 B 2060801 799 ROLAND Sarasota CONS
RU108 PE IJPGU2577 1499 REMINGTON Sarasota USED
5860 PE 32273 5000 KIMBALL Sarasota CONS
UST8 SE A71095 2999 KAWAI Sarasota USED
NS-25 PE 1542632 2999 KAWAI Sarasota SOLD
KG5D SE 1983 6'8" 1312370 14999 KAWAI Sarasota USED
GE1 +PD PIVY 2398077 10000 KAWAI Sarasota CONS
CONSOLE PE 539160 2800 J STRAUSS Sarasota CONS
P122E PE 10082 4900 IRMLER Sarasota CONS
GRAND W/ QRS PM 942577 8000 HALLET DAVIS Sarasota CONS
TG150 + QRS PE TG0011708 8000 BERGMANN Sarasota CONS
M SE 246449 8999 BALDWIN Sarasota CONS
G150 PM 050041 6500 YOUNG CHANG Tampa CONS
M405 CHY T118170 2495 YAMAHA Tampa CONS
DGC1ENST PE 6493123 31000 YAMAHA Tampa CONS
DC1AM3XG PE 6050827 18999 YAMAHA Tampa CONS
CVP303 OAK UCML01039 2500 YAMAHA Tampa CONS
C3 PE 5865426 20500 YAMAHA Tampa CONS
WG50 PE G059071 4999 WEBER Tampa USED
SG172 PM 8701939 6500 SAMICK Tampa CONS
KC131 PE 52" IJPHU0783 2200 KOHLER & CAMPBELL Tampa CONS
UPRIGHT 192890 2299 2399 KAWAI Tampa USED
SPINET 1974 49282 1100 CURRIER Tampa CONS
LM116 PM 46" 54816 2695 CARL EBEL Tampa CONS
UPRIGHT Walnut 1993 52" 431237 2695 BALDWIN Tampa CONS
Y114 PE T00215787 2700 YOUNG CHANG Warehouse CONS
DGB1KE3 PE 3153649 YAMAHA Warehouse USED
DGB1 W/ DKC850 PE 2212968/G7657 13999 YAMAHA Warehouse SOLD
CVP75 003417 YAMAHA Warehouse USED
CVP609GP PE UCVL01037A 10999 YAMAHA Warehouse CONS
CVP209 PE 605266 2499.99 YAMAHA Warehouse CONS
B2 PE 32317948 YAMAHA Warehouse USED
SPINET 920882 499 WURLITZER Warehouse USED
C153 PE 62160 6999 WURLITZER Warehouse CONS
M SE 1969 5'7" 405993 21999 STEINWAY Warehouse SOLD One of the most popular Steinway Grands for the home. Many say the M is the smallest Grand you should buy from Steinway. Much nicer base section than the 5'1" Model S.
L MAH 1958 5'10" 358073 15900 STEINWAY Warehouse CONS All original 1958, 5’10 grand piano. Plays great. On consignment from a motivated seller.
1098 SE 348159 999 STEINWAY Warehouse USED
MP70 ZUB0582 ROLAND Warehouse USED
AT-90 MAH Z160324 4995 ROLAND Warehouse CONS
PATRIOT A5500P OAK 55009 9500 LOWREY Warehouse CONS
GRAND 71422 KIMBALL Warehouse USED
RX3 PE 2555556 18999 KAWAI Warehouse SOLD
KG2C PE 1269737 5000 KAWAI Warehouse CONS
SPINET 42229 0 HALLET & DAVIS Warehouse USED
PATRIOT 004322 ESTEY Warehouse USED
GP155 HPE E113934 8999 ESSEX Warehouse USED
GSS40 019D92002 BACHMAN Warehouse CONS