• Model: CGP1000
  • Finish: PE
  • Size: 4'11"
  • Serial #: UCNM01012
  • Price: $10,500.00
  • Location: Naples
  • Type: CONS

The Yamaha CGP1000 Grand Clavinova is a gorgeous acoustic/digital hybrid piano that gives you the stunning accuracy of Yamaha sampling technology combined with the lustrous warmth of an actual piano soundboard - housed in a beautifully crafted grand piano cabinet. The result? Jaw-dropping sonic realism, with all the resonance and subtle harmonics of a concert grand. The CGP1000 is a sophisticated digital piano; however the fallboard design lets you completely hide the controls - making it look exactly like an acoustic piano! If you're seeking an elegant baby grand, the Yamaha CGP1000 Grand Clavinova belongs on your list.