• Model: KR375
  • Finish: MAH
  • Size:
  • Serial #: ZM10395
  • Price: $1,095.00
  • Location: Sarasota
  • Type: USED

Roland kr 375 88 Key Intelligent Digital Piano Very nice condition Weighted keys Touch sensitive Adjustable reverb 22 Pianist style effects Playback controls Adjustable reverb Many more digital effects and controls midi outputs on back of piano.
KR-375 Digital Intelligent Piano 88 keys (Hammer Action Mechanism) TOUCH SENSITIVITY Preset: 3 levels, USER: 60 levels KEYBOARD MODE Whole Split (adjustable split point) LAYER Arranger Piano Style Arranger Manual Drum/SFX Conforms to GM/GS MAX. POLYPHONY 64 Voices TONES 8 groups 434 variations (incl. 12 drum sets, 1 SFX set) TEMPERAMENT 7 types, selectable tonic STRETCHED TUNING 2 types MASTER TUNING 415.3Hz-466.2Hz (0.1Hz steps) TRANSPOSE Key Transpose (-6 to +5 Half-steps) Playback Transpose (-24 to +24 Hals-steps) EFFECTS Reverb (8 types, Stepless adjustable) Chorus (8 types) Sympathetic Resonance, Rotary and 32 other types MUSIC STYLES Internal: 11 groups 100 styles x 2 types (Style Orchestrator) 22 Pianist Styles Music Style Disk: 30 Styles PROGRAMMABLE MUSIC STYLES Style Converter MELODY INTELLIGENCE 18 types USER PROGRAMS Internal: 11 Floppy Disk: Max. 99 sets CONTROL Start/Stop Intro/Ending Snyc. Start Fill In (Variation/Original) Melody Intelligence Break Leading Bass METRONOME Beat: 2/2,0/4,2/4,3/4,4/4,5/4,6/4,7/4,3/8,6/8,9/8,12/8 Volume: 10 levels Metronome Pattern: 11 patterns Sounds: 4 types TRACKS 5/16 tracks SONG 1 song NOTE STORAGE Approx. 30,000 notes TEMPO Quarter note=20-250 RESOLUTION 120 ticks per quarter note RECORDING METHOD Realtime (Replace, Mix, Auto Punch In, Manual Punch In, Loop, Tempo) Step (On Chord Sequencer mode) Beat Map EDIT Copy, Quantize, Delete, Insert, Erase, Transpose, Part Exchange, Note Edit, PC Edit RHYTHM PATTERN 30 types
CONTROL Song Select, Reset, Stop, Play, Rec, Bwd, Fwd, All Song Play, Track Select, Playback Balance, Maker Set, Repeat, Count In, Tempo Mute 3.5 inch Micro Floppy Disk Drive DISK FORMAT 720K bytes (2DD / 1.44M bytes (2HD) SONGS Max. 99 songs NOTE STORAGE Approx. 120,000 notes (2DD) Approx. 240,000 notes (2HD) PLAYABLE SOFTWARE Standard MIDI Files (Format 0/1) Roland Original Format (i-format) SAVE Standard MIDI Files (Format 0) Roland Original Format (i-format) RATED POWER OUTPUT 30W x 2 SPEAKERS 20cm x 2 DISPLAY Beat Indicator, Large custom LCD, Bouncing Ball LANGUAGE English / Japanese LYRIC Yes (Built-in display, MIDI out) CONTROL Volume, Microphone Volume, Microphone Echo, Brilliance ONETOUCH PLAY One Touch Piano, One Touch Organ, One Touch Arranger PEDALS Damper (half-pedal recognition) Soft (half-pedal recognition, Function assignable) Sostenuto (Funciont assignable) OTHER FUNCTIONS Panel Lock CONNECTORS Output jacks (L/Mono,R) Input jacks (L/Mono,R) Microphone jack (with echo) Headphone jack x 2 (Stereo) MIDI In connector x 2 MIDI Out connector Computer connector Pedal connector (8 pin DIN type) POWER SUPPLY AC117V / AC230V / AC240V POWER CONSUMPTION 90W (117V) / 72W (230V) / 72W (240V) CABINET FINISH Simulated Rosewood DIMENSIONS (INCLUDING THE STAND) 1445(W) x 525(D) x 892(H) mm 56-15/16(W) x 20-11/16(D) x 35-1/8(H) inches WEIGHTS (INCLUDING THE STAND) 62.5kg / 137lbs 13oz ACCESSORIES Owner’s Manual Power Cord Music Style Disk * In the interest of product improvement, the specifications and/or appearance of this unit are subject to change without prior notice.