• Model: GS40
  • Finish: PE
  • Year of Manufacture: 1986
  • Size: 6'1"
  • Serial #: 1704328
  • Price: $16,995.00
  • Sale Price: $15,000.00
  • Location: Marietta
  • Type: SOLD
  • Features:

The GS series of Kawai grand pianos were made when Shigeru Kawai was president of the company. He was striving to make improvements to piano production and it is claimed that the GS pianos were the precursors of the Shigeru Kawai pianos. Most pianos are both machine made and hand finished particularly in the final stages of production. The 1987 Kawai GS-40 was probably both machine produced and handcrafted as most pianos are today. Of course, the more expensive pianos receive the most handcrafting as we see in the Shigeru Kawai instruments.