Yamaha Clavinova Digital Piano

Yamaha Clavinova

This is NOT your Grandmother’s Piano!!!! Or maybe it is, given the fact that Piano Players of all ages are converting to CLAVINOVA Digital Pianos.

Learn to play the Piano using Clavinova’s unique guide system, you simply follow the lights above the keys to learn a song!

The fact of the matter is this, TODAY 9 out of 10 Upright Piano Shoppers in our store purchase a Clavinova DIGITAL Piano.  Musical instruments have ALWAYS evolved.  In our lifetime we have seen Typewriters evolve into Computers, Film Cameras into Digital Cameras and TODAY the Tired Acoustic Vertical Piano has Evolved into a 21st Century Piano that Makes playing the Piano “FUN”.

A short way down the Clavinova road there is a Fork, one road leads to  the Yamaha CLP Series, down the other road, the Yamaha CVP Series. As Yogi Bear used to say, “when you come to the fork in the road, YOU TAKE IT.”

To OVER SIMPLIFY, all Clavinova Pianos conceivably have 3 things in common. The 1st being a Library of Instruments to Choose from, the 2nd being RECORDING Capability and the 3rd being Styles and Rhythms.

The Clavinova CLPs have Instruments and Recording but do not have Styles and Rhythms.  In other words, they are a little more Basic.  The Interesting thing is they are NOT an upright Piano in any way other than appearance.  They have the Sound of a Grand Piano, the Repetition of a Grand Piano, Velocity Sensitivity of a Grand Piano, Graded Hammer Effect of a Grand Piano, Pedal Functions of a Grand Piano, so if you Close Your Eyes, you are Playing on a “GRAND PIANO”!

Take the Clavinova CVP road and now you are in WONDERLAND!  When I said “all Clavinovas have 3 things in common” I was not quite accurate, the CVPs have SO MUCH MORE! This Piano will “TEACH YOU HOW TO PLAY THE PIANO”!

The Moment you sit in front of a Clavinova CVP, you will begin to loose track of time,  The “Fun” that I mentioned earlier is the GLUE that will keep you playing for HOURS.   If your goal is to get to Carnegie Hall, consider one of Conservatory Grands, if your Goal is to INSTILL in you or your Child  a life long love of music, you have increased the “Chances of Success” DRAMATICALLY!

Come on in and let us take you to the Clavinova ” Fork in the Road.”