Yamaha Acoustic Pianos

Acoustic Pianos are the ones “you don’t plug into the wall”!  They fall into two categories, Verticals (Uprights) and Grand Pianos.

Yamaha Upright Pianos

Not everyone has the room or budget or for that matter the justification for a Grand Piano. That is why Yamaha has always Believed in Building a QUALITY Vertical Piano.

As Times and Styles change, so has the VERTICAL Piano. Today it is the “Studio” upright that gets the most attention.  You might say it is the “Well Kept Secret” on the piano floor. You are getting into the String Length of a Grand with out paying for the Cabinet of a Grand.

An example of Yamaha Studios that you may want to inquire about are the 45″ P22 a staple of  school systems,  The 47″ T118 that is quickly becoming our most popular studio and of course the 48″ U1 which has always been the bench mark for Vertical Pianos around the world.

Yamaha Acoustic Grand Pianos

When it comes to Yamaha GRANDS other Manufacturers are being left in the dust.  As trends in room sizes in homes change, Yamaha has  spent a large part of its research and development engineering a Smaller Grand (Baby Grand) that plays bigger than its size indicates.

An example of this has resulted in the 5′ GB1 and the 5’3″ GC1. Do us a favor, when you come in to play these instruments, close your eyes while you play, you will swear you are playing on a much larger piano from the richness of the sound.

When you ask Musicians why they love Yamaha Grands, they will obviously tell you that they love the Rich Beautiful Sound, but what you will also hear is Artists have SO MUCH MORE CONTROL of their Dynamics  on a Yamaha Piano Action.  Finally they will tell you of the Consistency and Reliability of these instruments that are SEASONED FOR DESTINATION.

If you are a Serious Musician, Church or School, or just want to Experience Just HOW GOOD a Yamaha Grand can be, ask to Sit down at the 6’1″ Conservatory  C3 when you come in.  You will take your music up to a Whole New Level.  Just be prepared to spend MUCH MORE TIME sitting in front of your instrument, you won’t want to get up!

If you want to take it up a step or two, sit down at the Conservatory 7′ C6 or 7’6″ C7.  These are VERY Popular instrument for Churches and Schools.

If you are looking for Middle Ground, the 5’8″ Conservatory C2 Consistently Receives Accolades for having the best of both worlds, Big Rich Sound but not Overwhelming the Living Room in its physical size.

Enough Talking, Come on in and HEAR for yourself!