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At Piano Distributors, you'll find a large array of both new and pre-owned pianos, verticals and grands, along with Yamaha's latest technology represented in their Clavinova digital and Disklavier player piano areas. With the advancements in Yamaha's technology, you can entertain guests or relax after a hard day's work, with the touch of a finger, while your Disklavier showcases novelties such as “Gershwin playing Gershwin” or select from an assortment of your favorite libraries. If you are a singer as well as a pianist, come in for a demonstration of Clavinova's karaoke tunes and unique harmonies. With Yamaha, there's always something new, different and fun for everyone to enjoy!

In keeping with all Piano Distributors' locations, the Columbia Mid Missouri store offers teaching studios, a music education lab for group lessons, print music and a beautiful recital hall complete with two Conservatory-series grands. The hall seats 70-80 comfortably and is available to teachers for piano recitals, compliments of Piano Distributors, as well as for guest performances and workshops. Throughout the year, the store hosts a variety of events for the community, educators and technicians. Such events include Yamaha artists, music educators, technical support and local musician performances for education and enjoyment.

Please visit our website frequently for the scheduling of our special activities and sales events. There's always something happening at Piano Distributors!


Memorial Day Sale!

Yamaha's Silent Piano Combines the Elegance of an Acoustic with the Convenience of a Digital Piano

d5Yamaha's truly amazing Silent Pianos let you harness the power of an acoustic piano, while also providing the flexibility and convenience of a digital. Silent Pianos are fully acoustic and feature some of the best sound that Yamaha has to offer. They also allow you to plug in headphones and switch over to digital, letting you practice your music in peace with access to great digital features such as recording capabilities, MIDI-equipped instruments, and music related apps. In addition, you still have the weight and feel of a real acoustic piano while playing in silent, digital mode. To find out more about Yamaha Silent Pianos, click here. 

Pre-Owned Pianos Available Now!

Kimball Console Upright

kimballThe perfect piano for the practicing student! This Kimball spinet has a compact cabinet and gorgeous finish! Hurry, only $595!
Brand: Kimball
Serial Number: 642520
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Baldwin Console Upright

SchaferandSonsThis lovely Baldwin comes in a beautiful oak finish and would look and play great in any home or church! Only $1,495!
Brand: Baldwin
Finish: Oak
Serial Number: 14000256
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Classic Baldwin Console

A classic Baldwin console piano at a great price of $1,395.00 Perfect for the player who prefers a traditional acoustic piano. Look no further. Includes a bench. Baldwin
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Kohler & Campbell

Kohler and Campbell:  $1195 A console piano in a studio piano-like cabinet.  Double-wheel rubber casters will be perfect for the classroom or church preferring a piano that rolls easily and sounds and plays just as nicely.
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Yamaha CVP-98

Yamaha Clavinova CVP98:  Wow! What a nice, full 88-key digital piano in an elegant, high polished ebony finish.  Lots of great sounds from which to choose to play as a full piano or in play-along mode, with any of the great Yamaha background styles to experience the fun of ensemble play.  If you've not seen how this feature can open a whole new musical door, please come by our showroom and try it out!
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