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At Piano Distributors, you'll find a large array of both new and pre-owned pianos, verticals and grands, along with Yamaha's latest technology represented in their Clavinova digital and Disklavier player piano areas. With the advancements in Yamaha's technology, you can entertain guests or relax after a hard day's work, with the touch of a finger, while your Disklavier showcases novelties such as “Gershwin playing Gershwin” or select from an assortment of your favorite libraries. If you are a singer as well as a pianist, come in for a demonstration of Clavinova's karaoke tunes and unique harmonies. With Yamaha, there's always something new, different and fun for everyone to enjoy!

In keeping with all Piano Distributors' locations, the Columbia Mid Missouri store offers teaching studios, a music education lab for group lessons, print music and a beautiful recital hall complete with two Conservatory-series grands. The hall seats 70-80 comfortably and is available to teachers for piano recitals, compliments of Piano Distributors, as well as for guest performances and workshops. Throughout the year, the store hosts a variety of events for the community, educators and technicians. Such events include Yamaha artists, music educators, technical support and local musician performances for education and enjoyment.

Please visit our website frequently for the scheduling of our special activities and sales events. There's always something happening at Piano Distributors!

CL6046_header Yamaha is giving away FREE Yamaha MusicSoft titles, including the books and sound files, when you try out or buy a CVP-600 series piano! If you come by our store to demo a CVP-600 series digital piano, you can get 10 MusicSoft titles and if you upgrade or buy a CVP-600 series digital piano, you get up to 25! Click here for more info!

Young Chang pianos have been a staple of many homes for over 50 years. People all over the world enjoy the dulcet tones and melodious harmonies of these wonderfully made pianos. Young Chang has always put quality first and each member of the manufacturing process meticulously creates fantastic piano after fantastic piano. Not only are Young Chang pianos excellent instruments, but they are also very affordable, and are a very nice addition to any home. Add winning countless awards along with its affordability and wonderful craft and it's no wonder that Young Chang pianos are the leaders of the industry.


Free Yamaha Pro Headphones could be yours with the purchase of a Clavinova CLP-400 series. That's a nearly $200 value! Click here for more details on this wonderful deal!

Suzi Parker is a journalist whose work also appears in The Christian Science Monitor and Reuters. A Piano for Every Child May Sound Impossible, but in Some Schools It's Happening The program Music and the Brain knows how big the benefits of music education can be. Piano-for-every-child (Photo: Alexander Crispin/Getty Images) Growing up, Lisha Lecari studied piano, listened non-stop to Aretha Franklin, the Beatles, and Bach, played guitar and attended rock concerts. “During my last year of high school I got hooked on studying music in depth, not just listening to it, discovered the thrill of counterpoint, and pretty much from then on knew I wanted to be a music teacher,” she says. " "Five-year-olds have so many neurons flying in their brains that they need to use them. The benefit of music is that it makes things connect more easily. ""For the last 17 years Lecari has been the director of Music and the Brain, a music program she created that currently operates in 100 New York City public elementary schools, many of them in poor neighborhoods. Her curriculum is inspired on a 1990s study that connected the experience of early musical instruction to increased cognitive ability. That study from the Center for Neurobiology of Learning and Memory and the Department of Physics at UCLA found that music training causes long-term enhancement in the reasoning of preschool children. The Landfill Harmonic: These Kids Play Classical Music With Instruments Made From Trash “Music helps students to focus, to concentrate, to attend to a task, and to memorize things,” Lecari says. “They learn pattern recognition, and it helps with math skills and literacy.” Supported by various organizations from the Ford Foundation to the 42nd Street Fund, Music and the Brain installs 15 to 25 pianos and keyboards in labs in each participating school. It's one of the few programs with a piano curriculum aimed at K-2 students, though it can also be used effectively with beginners of any age. Lacari says she enjoys using it to teach parents to read music in 30 minutes. The extensive curriculum includes a repertoire of 156 songs, including examples of classical, filk, children's music, and a wide range of world music. Presented sequentially, the songs teach everything from ear training (for rhythm and pitch), to movement, analysis, geography, history, storytelling, games, singing, dancing, playing piano, improvisation, and performance. The program also includes three piano books, as well as teaching manuals, rhythm and keyboard cards, theory papers, poster-size copies of each song, and 43 CD recordings. Music teachers are given an initial training and attend an annual workshop. Instead of just teaching musical notes to children, Music and the Brain stimulates kids to think, act on that thinking, and become inspired to produce their own sounds. For example, take the William Tell Overture. In some programs, students may learn to read music and then play the song. With Music and the Brain, students find where notes are repeated, they discuss and describe the music and how it felt to them, and they create a story to go with the music.
Think about entertaining family and friends this year with "LIVE" Concerts emanating from you living room on a Yamaha Disklavier!

DisklavierTV™ plays YOUR Piano

DisklavierTV provides access to a variety of streaming performances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – performances that combine perfectly synchronized video, audio and the data that actually plays YOUR piano in YOUR living room!

Wide Variety of On Demand Contents

Most of these performances have been captured live at venues and events from around the US, including the Newport Music Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival. They cover a wide range of music genres, and we are continually adding to the selection from which you can choose.

Selected LIVE Performances

In addition, we broadcast selected performances LIVE as they are actually happening, and we've had the privilege of offering the performances of such mega-stars as Sarah McLachlan, The Tierney Sutton Band featuring Christian Jacob and Elton John!
Imagine YOUR piano being played by a performer who may be thousands of miles away! There is truly nothing like it! You'll have to experience it to believe it!

See What You're Missing!

You might want to experience the full excitement of DisklavierTV before deciding to subscribe. If you already have a Disklavier*set it up as described here and explore the free contents. * Mark IIXG Series or later

Pre-Owned Pianos Available Now!

Exceptional trade-in Yamaha GH1 in satin ebony

This 5'3 Yamaha Baby Grand is in beautiful condition. If you are looking for a great value in a pre-owned Yamaha piano - look no further!

Yamaha GH1Call Ed for additional information. 573-445-5690

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Kimball: Only $800! A walnut spinet extraordinaire, complete with its padded matching bench. Plays and sounds very nice.
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Kohler & Campbell

Kohler and Campbell:  $1195 A console piano in a studio piano-like cabinet.  Double-wheel rubber casters will be perfect for the classroom or church preferring a piano that rolls easily and sounds and plays just as nicely.
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Kimball Console

Kimbal Console:   Walnut finish with a very nice, light, even action and a very consistent tone.  Includes the matching bench.  Please call Ed at 573-445-5690, or email, or come by our showroom and try it out.
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Yamaha CVP-98

Yamaha Clavinova CVP98:  Wow! What a nice, full 88-key digital piano in an elegant, high polished ebony finish.  Lots of great sounds from which to choose to play as a full piano or in play-along mode, with any of the great Yamaha background styles to experience the fun of ensemble play.  If you've not seen how this feature can open a whole new musical door, please call Ed at 573-445-5690, or email, or come by our showroom and try it out.
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