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The Chesterfield store is located in the beautiful St. Louis suburb of Chesterfield, Mo.  Just a minute from the intersection of Highway 40 and Olive.

Chesterfield store front

Opening in July of 2006, the Chesterfield location is also one of the largest and most beautiful stores of all the Piano Distributors locations.  Formerly a fine quality furniture store, there are over 200 pianos displayed in twelve separate rooms.

Yamaha Grand Piano Disklavier showroom

In a short period of time, this Chesterfield location has become a musical hub for the surrounding region.  A fine quality 100 seat recital hall is now available for local area piano teachers and their students.

This store is truly a wonderful place to buy a piano, and you will enjoy the welcoming staff.  Come see us.

transacousticCombining the traditional sound and feel of an acoustic and the versatility of a digital, Yamaha's new TransAcoustic piano is a must see. The TransAcoustic piano comes with 19 different voices and uses the acoustic nature of the piano to give a richer, fuller, and more natural feeling digital sound. This new piano also has the capability for the user to practice with headphones, play along with music accompaniment through the piano itself, and transmit sounds through the soundboard without the need for an external speaker. For more information on this revolutionary new piano, click here.
davidsidesYamaha has developed a new piano learning software called Playground Sessions! Playground Sessions helps make the learning process fun by integrating easy to understand video tutorials of your favorite songs, along with a reward system. These Sessions feature the talented David Sides teaching Rookie, Intermediate, and Advanced levels of playing. To learn more about Yamaha Playground Sessions, click here.
d5Yamaha's truly amazing Silent Pianos let you harness the power of an acoustic piano, while also providing the flexibility and convenience of a digital. Silent Pianos are fully acoustic and feature some of the best sound that Yamaha has to offer. They also allow you to plug in headphones and switch over to digital, letting you practice your music in peace with access to great digital features such as recording capabilities, MIDI-equipped instruments, and music related apps. In addition, you still have the weight and feel of a real acoustic piano while playing in silent, digital mode. To find out more about Yamaha Silent Pianos, click here. 


When Yamaha positioned the b Series as the ‘piano to grow with,’ they recognized that for many people this would be the first piano on their lifetime journey of making music. Often, as one’s daily rigors of practice and perfection of skills progresses, that hidden dream of owning a grand piano begins to grow. What better way to keep your eye on the prize than to have the assurance that the investment of your practice, time and money will all contribute to that end goal.

Effective October 2014, all owners will be eligible to trade-up their b Series piano applying 100% of their purchase price against the purchase of a new Yamaha GC, CX or CF Series grand piano. Regardless of where they currently live, or may move in the future within the United States, their investment will be protected for up to 10 years at Piano Distributors.

Think about entertaining family and friends this year with "LIVE" Concerts emanating from you living room on a Yamaha Disklavier!

DisklavierTV™ plays YOUR Piano

DisklavierTV provides access to a variety of streaming performances 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – performances that combine perfectly synchronized video, audio and the data that actually plays YOUR piano in YOUR living room!

Wide Variety of On Demand Contents

Most of these performances have been captured live at venues and events from around the US, including the Newport Music Festival and the Monterey Jazz Festival. They cover a wide range of music genres, and we are continually adding to the selection from which you can choose.

Selected LIVE Performances

In addition, we broadcast selected performances LIVE as they are actually happening, and we've had the privilege of offering the performances of such mega-stars as Sarah McLachlan, The Tierney Sutton Band featuring Christian Jacob and Elton John!
Imagine YOUR piano being played by a performer who may be thousands of miles away! There is truly nothing like it! You'll have to experience it to believe it!

See What You're Missing!

You might want to experience the full excitement of DisklavierTV before deciding to subscribe. If you already have a Disklavier*set it up as described here and explore the free contents. * Mark IIXG Series or later

Pre-Owned Pianos Available Now!

Young Chang G175 (5'9")

usedpianoVery seldom do we get a piano in that is that is THIS BEAUTIFUL.  The MARQUETRY on this piano is truly AMAZING!  Notice the inlay on the sides and front of piano, notice the beautiful pedal lyre. Notice the unusual Prop Stick.  But enough about the Cabinet, when you sit down at this Duplex Scaled incredible instrument you will be blown away with the sound.  This is why so many have always considered the Young Chang pianos "well kept secrets"!  This instrument is a work of art!
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Yamaha DGT7

photo (12)If you think about the most "INCREDIBLE" Digital Grand you have ever heard, then picture this in an "ACTUAL" Grand Piano Cabinet you are beginning to get the "picture". BUT IT GETS BETTER!  Not only is it in a Actual Grand Cabinet, but the Cabinet of the Grand is the most BEAUTIFUL Brown Mahogany you have ever seen.  The "Whip-Cream" on the cake is that it can be a DISKLAVIER PLAYER PIANO when you're not playing it yourself!
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Yamaha G1SE

photo (13)This is a Used Yamaha 5'3" Piano at a great price.  The G Series was always called the "professional series" because it was a notch above their "home series".  This piano is NOT Shiny Black!  It is in the understated Satin Black which creates a "softer" look in the home. (It also makes it less expensive because it seems everyone wants Shiny.)  So if you are the type of person interested in a great sounding piano with a more classical look, this is the Bargain of the Year! 
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Hallet and Davis 6' Grand Piano

photo (14)What a find this is! This piano is in EXCELLENT condition! Listen to the BIG full sound that emanates from this full size Grand Piano. Notice how WIDE the tail end of the piano is, resulting in MORE square inches of sounding board. In the "Day of the Baby Grand", this is an opportunity to hear what a 6 foot Grand Piano can sound like! Cabinet is High Gloss Black!

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Bosendorfer Model 225 Semi Concert Grand- Preowned "Perfect"

When Franz Liszt toured Europe, he basically "destroyed" every piano he played. One night he played a "Bosendorfer", the morning paper reported "Piano SURVIVES Liszt". That was 1838 and the beginning of a "Storied History" that continues to this day! This "Hand Made" Austrian Semi Concert Grand is one of the most amazing pianos you will ever sit down to play.  No other instrument in the world incorporates more "Spruce" into the construction of the piano, thus giving the instrument the "Singing Characteristic" unique to Bosendorfer.  If you think all pianos have 88 keys, Think Again!  The Bosendorfer Piano is constructed in many ways like a Stradivarius Violin. This is the instrument that is designed for the "Serious" Player.  It is a "Work of Art", it is an "Heirloom" that will be in the Family for Years to come! Come try it out, "You will be Amazed"! Bosendorfer CaseBosendorfer Right Bose harp
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Our In-Store Music Teachers

Ruth Rieger: Piano

Ruth-Riegerfixed Ruth has a Bachelors degree in Music Therapy. She has been teaching for 25 years with a flexible teaching style. Experienced with all genres of music. Has experience playing for musicals, choirs, as well as soloists. Ruth can be reached at (636)-532-1881

Karen Stevenson

Karen Stevenson is currently Organist at Bonhomme Presbyterian Church in Chesterfield, the Chancel Choir accompanist, and an independent piano and organ teacher.

She began studying piano at age 3 with Hazel Miller Miester in St. Louis, accompanying choirs and operettas throughout elementary school, and playing the organ for church services at the age of 12.

As a teenager she was the solo pianist with the Afton Summer Symphony performing “Rhapsody in Blue” by George Gershwin.  She attended the University of Missouri at Kansas City Conservatory of Music as a piano performance major in the mid 1970’s and graduated from Webster University with a degree in Business Management.

Karen has performed as a piano and organ soloist, accompanist, ensemble musician, director, and choral singer. She enjoys serving as a pianist for community theatre and choral groups.  Most recently she performed as the pianist for conductor and composer, John Leavitt, in his presentation of “Symphony of Songs” at Carnegie Hall, in 2010.

Karen began her teaching career many years ago with Townsend Music School but has been an independent piano and organ teacher for the past 10 years.  She has a select group of students that excel under her classic approach to piano technique and musicianship.

Please call our store to reach Karen. 636-532-1881