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Our piano showrooms are centrally located in all of our markets. In each store there is a variety of new and used pianos. Choose from Yamaha, Baldwin, Kawai, Pramberger, Young Chang, Hardman, Hailun and many more. See and hear award winning products like the best selling Clavinova, the 10 year running MMR Product of the Year Yamaha Disklavier piano, and the 2011 MMR Product of the Year; AvantGrand hybrid piano.

Satisfaction and Trade Up Policy

30-day satisfaction guarantee. Upon your request, we will exchange your instrument with one of like or equal value, with only the cost of delivery.
100% trade-up policy for a length of time based on your purchase.
Nobody beats our price. Within 30 days of the date of purchase, if you should find the same item advertised for less by a factory authorized dealer, we will refund the difference plus 10% of the difference in price.

Full details are available at every store.

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We are dedicated to helping everyone learn to play the piano. Young, old, or in-between, learning to play a musical instrument,
especially the “King of Instruments,” the piano, is one of the true joys of life. And learning to play has become much easier than ever before.

Yamaha’s famous digital piano, the magnificent Clavinova, has perhaps the easiest learning system ever devised for the piano. It is called “Follow the Lights.” Above each and every key is a red light. When it comes on, you press the key. The lights take you through the entire musical piece, and moves as slowly (the lights will wait for you) or as fast as you desire. Before you can say do-re-mi, you know a song or two. Your friends will be surprised, but don’t be too surprised if you’re the star of your next house party.

Clavinova Connection logo

You can also take “Follow the Lights” a step further by joining our “Clavinova Connection.” At our in-store studios you can attend fun and easy sessions on a Clavinova electronically connected to an instructor’s instrument, along with the other students in the group. Your teacher guides you through the learning process. You learn quicker than by yourself. And have a great time while you’re at it!

Clavinova logo

We actively support the piano teaching community, and are able to provide a great list of referrals to the best private teachers in your area. In several states, we have a scholarship program to support the local piano teachers associations. In addition, many of our stores offer a wonderful piano recital facilities free of charge to the teaching community. This provides a venue with the finest of instruments, and a chance for the students to perform for their family and friends in a truly professional atmosphere. There is no substitute for a professionally trained piano instructor. We strongly recommend this to all of our customers, so that they may enjoy their investment in a piano to its fullest.

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Family at the Piano

With over 50 years in the business, we believe service is the most important part of the sale. You get exactly the piano you want at a superb value. Your piano is delivered with meticulous care by experienced, conscientious professionals. And your piano is expertly tuned by the finest ears in the business.We will take the time to come to your home for piano measurements, suggestions, advice on placement and color matching, all as a free service to help you find the best piano for your home.

Throughout our organization, service comes first, last, and always. You can count on us.

Dealer of the Year
Best of the Best

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Upright PianoWith hundreds of pianos worth millions of dollars in our showrooms, we offer our customers choices that make their decisions far more easy and enjoyable!Back to Top…



Walnut Grand

When we buy pianos, we buy a lot of pianos. We have purchasing power that allows us substantial volume discounts made available by the manufacturer.

We use these savings in one way only. We pass them on to you. Why? Simply because it makes us one of the most competitive piano retailers in the country. It allows us to sell more pianos than almost anyone else, which allows us to get those manufacturers’ discounts and pass the savings on to you once again.

Yamaha Semi

So when those 18-wheelers full of pianos come rolling into our warehouse, we don’t see it as a huge expense. We see it as a truckload full of huge savings, from us to you, time after time.

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In all our stores, everything we sell is guaranteed or warranteed. If the factory doesn’t, we do. Everything you buy from us is supported and protected, often for much longer than any other piano dealer would ever have the ability or the desire to offer.

We have networked with the finest technicians. We pride ourselves in offering a level of competence and professionalism that insures that our customers get the most out of their investment on all new and pre-owned pianos.

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Upright Piano Image

We have stores conveniently located in Florida, Georgia, Missouri, Illinois, and North Carolina. Each and every store is loaded with an abundant selection of Yamaha and other brand name pianos for you to see, hear, touch and play.

We maintain convenient financing plans designed to meet the needs of almost any budget. Our fleet of delivery trucks stand at-the-ready to get your piano to your home quickly and safely.

  In a word, we make it easy. Very easy! And very convenient!

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Disklavier Piano

We recognize that a major contributor to our success is that we just don’t have sales people, we have “piano people.” Our staff understands the search for a piano can be extensive and their love and pride for the instruments we sell assures that every customer is a specific search, unique to their needs and wants.

Our managers average 30 years experience, and the ownership over 40 years in the music business. We regularly attend and host manufacturers training seminars so that our staff is ready to address any and all questions. Combined with the amazing relationship we have with our manufacturers, as well as our published national ranking within the industry, We strive to be the premier dealership in the cities we serve for customer satisfaction.

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We has been selling pianos and satisfying customers for over 50 years. That’s a half a century of doing things right. Or better
than right. How else do you survive, thrive,and prosper for so long?

There’s really no secret to it. We sell one of the finest musical products in the world— Yamaha pianos. We make sure each and every customer who buys a piano from us is more than happy. We want you to be delighted, so much so you send your friends and acquaintances to us.

It’s the mainstay of longevity. Customer satisfaction powerful enough to perpetuate word-of-mouth referral sales. We’ve been doing it for almost half a century. Our reputation ensures our longevity. We’re here to stay. You can count on it. Year after year, decade after decade.

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Group with Piano

Our founder and owner, William C. Boyce, is the former president of the National Association of Young Music Merchants, the former chairman of the Keyboard Insight Group, and the first signer of the Music Industry Code of Ethics. Mr. Boyce frequently serves as a guest lecturer at music retailer seminars across the country. We are the largest Yamaha piano dealer in USA.

Dealer of the Year

Best of the Best

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Bill Boyce

For us, ethics is not an old-fashioned word. Rather, it is a way of functioning— a mind-set that is instilled within
and throughout the company starting with its founder, William C. Boyce.

Born and raised in the Raleigh-Durham area of North Carolina, Mr. Boyce learned firsthand from family and those in his tight-knit community there is only one way to conduct a business— ethically. Anything less is out of the question.

Every individual working at our stores harbors a strong sense of professional, ethical behavior. It is the primary reason they’re at in our organization. This way of thinking and behaving attracts like people. A synergism of forthrightness has been developed that manifests itself in treating you, our customer, with the utmost respect and consideration.

We know how we would like to be treated when investing in a valuable product like a piano. The Golden Rule applies.

For us, ethics is much more than a word. It’s a way of life.

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